Laser Engraving / Garment Printing / Embroidery / uPIC Photo

All Personalized and On-Site

Laser Engraving


  • Laser engraves a guest’s choice of their photo, or text, in less than 10 seconds
  • Laser engrave on metal, glass, wood, leather, silicone and acrylic
  • Hundreds of different gifts to pick from
  • High speed military grade YAG laser engraves at 635 DPI
  • Gifts are pre-engraved with your event logo, caption and date
  • Custom tablet interfaces branded with your logo to capture data and customize gift


Direct To Garment Printing

  • Each guest can request a custom printed garment.
  • Print on any color garment using any color.
  • Print on shirts, shoes, hats, sock, or any other garment that will absorb water.
  • Print on site at any size event.
  • Check our list of possible items for inspiration or feel free to offer your own ideas.  The range of items we can print on is very large.


  • Each guests requests their own customized item.
  • Done on site, for any size event.
  • Good luck finding anyone faster.  Speed means guests won't have to wait for their personalized gifts and more guests can be serviced during your event.
  • Multiple item choices which we can provide, or suggest your own.

uPIC Photo

  • Do it yourself green screen photo technology on your cell phone.
  • Easy, fast, and affordable.  No need to hire an expensive event photographer when it's this easy.
  • All photos are processed and delivered immediately to the target recipients cell phones.
  • Use your own custom overlays with your company branding or personalized messages you would like delivered to your guests.

Try It Now:

STEP 1: Snap a Selfie ( Portrait or Landscape )

STEP 2: Text your photo to 561-997-7777 along with the word WEDDING