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Engage. Entertain. Experience

Laser Engraving:

On-site laser engraving at your event using high speed YAG lasers. Photos or text are engraved in as little as 10 seconds. Guests customize their own laser engraved gift directly from our touch screen tablet or from their smartphone. Some of our popular gifts are laser engraved dog tags, laser pointers, key chains, flashlights, silicone and leather bracelets, glass aroma therapy candles and more. Select from hundreds of different gifts which can all be laser engraved on-site at your event.

We can engrave on glass, aluminum, steel, leather & acrylic.

Digital Images provides the best quality and fastest on-site laser engraving in the U.S. Compare our photographic quality 635 DPI engraving and you will see the difference. Most gifts are engraved as fast as 10 seconds, which makes us both the best quality and the fastest.

Our On-Site Laser Engraving is broken down into 6 steps:


Guest’s have 2 options to request their personalized gift:

a. Tablets: Self-Service Lane: Use one of our branded tablets to submit their request. We will build out the landing page with your company’s graphics and branding.
b. Cell Phone: Don’t want to wait in line? Use our mobile interface by going to SKIPTHISLINE.COM directly from their cell phone.

Delta Air Lines example:
Target Stores example:
Verizon Super Bowl:
MTV example:click here:
Comedy Central example: click here:

BENEFIT: No lengthy lines. We can comfortably process thousands of requests.


Immediately after submitting a request, each guest receives a branded confirmation text message and FAST PASS Bar Code with 2 options:

a. Do nothing and wait to receive a text message letting them know their personalized gift is ready to be picked up, or;

b. Walk up to the FAST PASS line, scan the FAST PASS bar code on their cell phone and their request will immediately be processed. Within a few seconds they will walkaway with their personalized gift. FAST PASS when combined with SKIPTHISLINE.COM allows us to easily handle events, activations and trade shows with thousands of attendees.

BENEFIT: Guests can decide when they want to pick up their gift. No need to wait in line.


Requests are automatically processed, intelligent font picks the correct font size and centers on the gift before engraving. The actual engraving process is completed by a high speed industrial YAG at an incredible high resolution of 635 DPI in as fast as 5 seconds

Live streaming video displays the engraving on a monitor for guests to watch.


A branded text message is immediately sent to the guest to alert them that their gift is ready to be picked up. As an option, we can attach promotional literature to the text message to promote your company.

Interactive Texts: Guest has the option to reply to the text message by texting a KEYWORD to request additional information. Example: “Thank you for attending the AMA trade show. Your laser engraved key chain is ready to be picked up. For more information on the upcoming AMA events, please reply to this text by texting the word “AMA”.


A temporary removable bar code sticker is printed and attached to each gift. Once an hour, we scan all of the bar codes for the gifts not yet picked up to automatically send a reminder text message.


At the end of the day, we can broadcast a branded text message to all of your attendees thanking them for stopping by, or inviting them to come by the booth for a drawing.

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 On-Site Laser Engraving Green Screen Instant Photos uPIC Reality Photos uPIC Keywords On-Demand Game On! Interactive Games airSPACE Inflatable Structures irSPACE Blimps


Digital Images Group. Engage. Entertain. Experience.

When you book with Digital Images Group, you are not just booking ‘event day’. Part of our culture is to be involved before, during, and after the event to guarantee you the best possible experience with us and for your guests.

Pre Event

The recipe for a successful event starts with early planning. Our logistics team works diligently to plan out every detail. By creating a space plan, we can work with your venue to layout the space needed for our services. Details such as tables, power, lighting and internet are planned in advance rather than left to chance come event day.

Event Day

Every one of our events is as unique as fingerprints are to people. No two are ever alike. While many vendors simply cookie-cut their service, we actually custom engineer a event blueprint for each event. Because each event is unique, often our set-up and configuration takes longer than most vendors. As a result, its not uncommon that we may request to arrive up to 6 hours early to set-up. We look forward to exceeding your expectation with every aspect of our operation from the moment we arrive to set-up until the event is done and we are packed up. We are constantly looking for ways on how we can improve the level of our service and appreciate your input.

Post Event

Following your event, we will produce a customized slideshow video containing all the photos from your event. The video will be animated and include special effects and music. The video is a great way to relive and share your event with all of your friends and family by simply emailing the video.

If the box for your next trade show is thought of as your actual booth space then Digital\’s Fulfillment Program lets you think outside the box by providing a interactive campaign that rewards your customers for responding to your marketing in advance of your trade show as well as afterwards. Not only is our personalized laser engraving is a great traffic builder at your trade show, but you can extend the incentive to clients who might not be attending your trade show but are being directed to visit your website as a result of your other marketing efforts. Ask us how we can maximize your trade show ROI by incorporating a fulfillment campaign into your marketing program.

Since 2005 our success has been built by working closely with professional event planners. We have custom packages, promotions and tools which are exclusive to event planning professionals. How would you like to increase traffic to your company’s website? Add uPic to your website and you will instantly create new traffic to your site which will quickly translate into new customers. Selling uPic to your clients couldn’t be easier. Simply have them play with uPic on your own website. It’s fun. It’s entertaining. It’s addictive. It’s Free. Click on the DOWNLOAD uPIC WIDGET button for our widget and directions. Want more information on our services? Click on the I’m A Event Planner-Send Me Information button.

 On-Site Laser Engraving Green Screen Instant Photos uPIC Reality Photos uPIC Keywords On-Demand Game On! Interactive Games airSPACE Inflatable Structures irSPACE Blimps


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