On-Site Embroidery

On-Site embroidery at corporate and social events creates personalized keepsakes that are cherished by guests and retained for years after the event.

STEP 1: Guests select which gift and input what text they want embroidered onto a custom landing page for your event.

STEP 2: Each individual request is embroidered 

STEP 3: Automated Text notification system sends out a branded SMS text message letting the guest know their gift is ready to be picked up.

At 1000 stitches a minute per machine, we are able to produce quality personalized gifts at incredible speeds. 

Unmatched Speed

Digital Images proprietary technology is a game changer in the industry. Since 2005 Digital Images Group is the only company in the U.S. that can both laser engrave and embroider customized and personalized gifts at high traffic events. Our personalized gift are guaranteed to create record traffic to your booth, activation or launch. We do hundreds of events a year nationwide for countless Fortune 500 companies including: Nike, Under Armour, Pepsi, Gatorade, Dick's Sporting Goods, Target Stores, Delta Air Lines, Air France, Warner Bros. Television, Fox Home Theater, CBS Television, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, New York Knicks, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, Nickelodeon, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, General Motors, Jeep, Chrysler, Bank Of America and many others.


With the most advanced embroidery machines on the market, combined with our proprietary "Event Management System", Digital Images Group is able to process high traffic events, embroider custom gifts at a high speed to keep up with the traffic, and efficiently manage and organize requests, production and delivery at events up to 50,000 attendees. We have more experience in executing high traffic events than all of the other companies combined. At a typical event with 20,000 attendees, our Event Management System allows us to stay focused and keep organized when thousands of attendees are walking up simultaneously, some for the first time to submit a request, others coming back to pick up their gift and many for a variety of different reasons.