On Site Wedding Embroidery

Looking for a unique wedding themed give away?  Custom embroidery is the perfect solution.  Your wedding guests can each have an item custom embroidered with things like their initials, name, or a heart warming message.  Included can be a message from the bride and groom to all their guests and family.

Guests who receive a custom embroidered item at your wedding get to walk away with more than memories.


  • Each guests requests their own customized item.
  • Done on site, for any size event.
  • Speed means guests won't have to wait for their personalized gifts and more guests can be serviced during your event.
  • Multiple item choices which we can provide, or suggest your own.


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uPIC Wedding

Step One: Snap a photo

Step Two: Text your photo to 561-997-7777, include the word WEDDING in the body of the text, then press SEND

In about 1 minute, you will receive your new photo back as a text message with wedding graphics added.

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