Personalized premiums generate more traffic to your booth than any other giveaway. Garment printing allows for more gift types than ever to be customized to your consumers preference.



Our On-site personalized premiums create the ultimate experiential interactive activity. Guests pick what graphics and text they want on their premium.

Our SKIPTHISLINE.COM and FAST PASS modules lets us comfortably handle Superbowl sized activations with over 100,000 attendees.


Direct to garment printing at corporate events and tradeshows creates personalized keepsakes that are cherished by guests and retained for months or years after the event.  Our printers are able to print photo realistic images onto any color item capable of absorbing water, such as shirts, shoes, hats, socks, even some types of leather.  With such a large selection of items it's possible to accommodate nearly any type of event.  With experience handling events with hundreds of thousands of participants and printer speeds second to none you know you can count on Digital Images for any size event.

Select any type of garment, such as what is below to have your logo, text, and photos printed on them.

The Brother GT-3 printer that we use allows for incredible DPI on almost all fabrics and allows printing on any color, not just white like some garment printers.