Digital Events offers 4 different laser services:


On-Site Laser Engraving

Whether you are planning an event for 100 guests, or 100,000 fans, we have innovative solutions to provide a personalized gift on-site at the event in a few seconds. 

IN-HOUSE Engraving

Our create engineering team can work with you to laser just about anything you need for your event. Items that don't need to be engraved on-site or take too long can easily be engraved in our office and shipped out. Our In-House Engraving is ideal for creating custom decor items, gifts to hand out and prototyping concepts.

Decor Engraving

Run wild with your imagination. Laser engraving decor items such as Vodka bottles, place cards, plates, wine glasses and more create a elegant touch to your event.

Proof-Of-Concept / Prototyping Engraving

Our engineering team will work with you to create one-of-a-kind prototypes for proof of concept. Subscribe to our Sample Club Mailer and you will receive a 1 hour free credit of laser prototyping time ( $395 value )


Gifts in this gallery are ideal for laser engraving on-site at an event. These items typically can be engraved between 10 and 60 seconds which makes them ideal for a fast turn around when you have a lot of guests.


This collection of samples will give you ideas on what we can laser engrave, laser cut, laser mark or laser etch in our office. Because these items take additional time, we can not engrave these items on-site at your event. Items that we engrave on-site at an event typically are engraved between 10 and 60 seconds per gift. Our In-House engraving is ideal for customizing decor items for your event such as liquor bottles, place cards, etc. We can work with most materials but the most popular are metal, acrylic, plastic, wood, leather, fabric, glass & tile. Take advantage of our complimentary prototyping department to create proof-of concepts for your event.