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Engage. Entertain. Experience

  • On-Site Laser Engraving
  • Green Screen Instant Photos
  • uPic Reality Photos
  • uPic Keyword Text-On-Demand
  • airSPACE ™ Inflatable Portable Structures
  • airSPACE ™ Blimp Airships
  • GAME ON ! Interactive Games

Laser Engraving:

On-site laser engraving at your event using high speed YAG lasers. Photos or text are engraved in as little as 10 seconds. Guests customize their own laser engraved gift directly from our touch screen tablet or from their smartphone. Some of our popular gifts are laser engraved dog tags, laser pointers, key chains, flashlights, silicone and leather bracelets, glass aroma therapy candles and more. Select from hundreds of different gifts which can all be laser engraved on-site at your event.

We can engrave on glass, aluminum, steel, leather & acrylic.

Digital Images provides the best quality and fastest on-site laser engraving in the U.S. Compare our photographic quality 635 DPI engraving and you will see the difference. Most gifts are engraved as fast as 10 seconds, which makes us both the best quality and the fastest.

- For more information select LASER ENGRAVING from the SERVICES tab

Green Screen Instant Photo:

We do Green Screen like to other company in the industry. Digital Images developed all of its own proprietary technology to give our clients innovative features not available at any other company. Not only is our presentation better, but so is our technology. We start with creating an atmosphere that will engage your guests with our Stage like setup complete with a roof, special effects lighting, smoke and bubble generator. Combine this with innovative technology such as texting images to your guest’s cell phone, displaying images in real-time on monitors, capturing images taken by your guest’s cell phones and posting all of the images to your Facebook account in real-time. When your event is over, we even create a animated video, complete with animation, music, titles and credits using all of the images taken at your event. Play the video at the end of your event or share the video with your friends and family by email. Compare and you will see why our Green Screen is absolutely the best you will find in the industry.

- For more information select GREEN SCREEN INSTANT PHOTOS from the SERVICES tab

uPIC VIRTUAL REALITY – Instant Photos:

uPIC Virtual Reality is the next generation green screen technology, done without the green screen. Guest’s photo is morphed into one of 500 different scenes or backgrounds from 12 different categories. While traditional green screens typically provide a limited number of backgrounds, with uPIC Virtual Reality your guests can pick from hundreds of different themes. Groups and families will love uPIC’s multi-image montage feature. uPIC Virtual Reality also does away with the unsightly green screen background and glaring lights.

Just like our Green Screen technology, uPIC images can be printed, text messaged to the guest’s phone, displayed on monitors and posted on your Facebook account in real-time.

uPIC PHOTO MARKETING – Instant Photos:

When hosting an event, trade show, product launch or activation and you are looking for a unique interactive photo experience for your experiential marketing, uPIC will engage, entertain and provide a unique experience for your customers.

uPIC PHOTO MARKETING was designed to make it easy for your Brand Ambassadors to capture your customer’s photo and phone number then upload the image to our cloud based server. Images are then processed with your graphics and branding in less than 10 seconds using either augmented reality, overlay or green screen technology. Within 30 seconds, your customer’s photo is then delivered to their cell phone as a text message along with a branded SMS message from your company. On-Site at your activation, uPIC sets up and is ready to go by simply turning on the power. Our onscreen 3 minute YouTUBE video will train any of your Brand Ambassadors how to use uPIC and take the perfect shot.

Demo how this works from your cell phone right now. Text message PHOTO MARKETING to 561-997-7777 and in seconds you will receive additional information on uPIC PHOTO MARKETING.

uPIC – Just Add Phone ™

- For more information select uPIC PHOTOS from the SERVICES tab

GAME ON ! Interactive Games:

A combination of old fashioned nostalgic games re-engineered to include a healthy dose of technology. Think back to yesteryear and you can remember a bygone era of classic games experienced at the local carnival. Game On! let’s your guests re-live those precious moments by playing each of our interactive carnival games.Select from Balloon Blaster, Water Jet, Derby Day, Robotic Crawlers or Helicopter Academy.

- For more information select GAME ON! INTERACTIVE GAMES from the SERVICES tab

airSPACE ™ Inflatables:

Portable and Temporary Structures ranging from 75 sq ft to 600 sq ft for sale or rent nationwide. Each of the 4 styles provide a blend of contemporary architecture and artistic sculpturing to create a unique ambiance whether its for an intimate small sitting area for a few people , a corporate meeting for 50 people or a product launch with hundreds of engagements. airSPACE’s inflatable portable and temporary structures rental packages include lighting and freight. Check out our PODS for small intimate space for as few as 4 people, or our Panoramics and Lunas for groups up to 100 people. Available nationwide for rent or sale.

- For more information select airSPACE INFLATABLES from the SERVICES tab

airSPACE ™ Blimp Airships:

Think of airSPACE Blimp Airships as art in motion. airSPACE isn’t about square feet. airSPACE is about cubic feet. Our fleet of Blimp Airships are designed to carry out different missions and carry different payloads including live video simulcast, literature drops and LED lights. We choreograph a flight plan for your venue, indoor or outdoor, to maximize the visual impact of your 3D message so the result will be branded in your guests memory for years. While a DJ, MC and Keynote speaker\’s impact will fade and certainly be forgotten over time, your event will always be the one referred to as “the one with the blimp”. Book your next flight with airSPACE.

Looking to create a unique experience that will be remembered for years? Launch our AIRSPACE BLIMP from the concealment of our airSPACE PANORAMIC Inflatable. Guests will always remember the moment when the blimp lifted off out of the PANORAMIC and became visible with your message on the side of the blimp.

- For more information select airSPACE BLIMPS from the SERVICES tab

Photo Gallery

Digital Images Group. Engage. Entertain. Experience.

When you book with Digital Images Group, you are not just booking ‘event day’. Part of our culture is to be involved before, during, and after the event to guarantee you the best possible experience with us and for your guests.

Pre Event

The recipe for a successful event starts with early planning. Our logistics team works diligently to plan out every detail. By creating a space plan, we can work with your venue to layout the space needed for our services. Details such as tables, power, lighting and Internet are planned in advance rather than left to chance come event day.

Event Day

Every one of our events is as unique as fingerprints are to people. No two are ever alike. While many vendors simply cookie-cut their service, we actually custom engineer an event blueprint for each event. Because each event is unique, often our set-up and configuration takes longer than most vendors. As a result, it’s not uncommon that we may request to arrive up to 6 hours early to set-up. We look forward to exceeding your expectation with every aspect of our operation from the moment we arrive to set-up until the event is done and we are packed up. We are constantly looking for ways on how we can improve the level of our service and appreciate your input.

Post Event

Following your event, we will produce a customized slideshow video containing all the photos from your event. The video will be animated and include special effects and music. The video is a great way to relive and share your event with all of your friends and family by simply emailing the video.

Quoteables – Testimonials : In Their Words

18 November,2013

Client: Samsung Date: September 2013 Location: High Point North Carolina Service: On-Site Laser Engraving Quote: “Most amazing technology I have seen at an event” Client: Delta Airlines Date: August 2013 Location: Seattle Washington Event: Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers …

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Laser Engraving – Why We Are The Best In The World

18 November,2013

We GUARANTEE that our on-site laser engraving technology is the best quality and fastest in the industry. Compare and you will see that there is a difference. While other companies engrave with CO2 lasers which are limited to engraving at …

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uPIC Beta Partner Program

15 November,2013

Take a test drive with uPIC for free at your next activation and let us show you why uPIC is with out a doubt the best Photo Marketing System in the industry: 1. Data Capture built-in to the uPIC Camera …

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25 January,2012

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Since 2005 our success has been built by working closely with professional event planners. We have custom packages, promotions and tools which are exclusive to event planning professionals. How would you like to increase traffic to your company‚Äôs website? Checkout our Event Planner Marketing Kit. It contains many tools to help you market your company’s services to your clients.

Event Planner Marketing Kit Includes:

1. Custom Produced Video:

Custom produced video branded with your company’s logo and contact information. Video features all of your company\’s services plus Digital Events services combined in a single professional video which you can share with your clients by email or on your website. Your video will include photos and video clips of your existing services along with captions and descriptions combined into a professionally produced video complete with music, animation and special effects. Your finished video will be delivered to you as a URL link, MPEG-4 and embedded YouTube code so you can easily use and distribute it. By adding the URL to your email signature and adding the YouTube to your website, all of your potential customers will be able to easily watch your video making it easier for your sales staff to sell your services ( and ours ). Click on the video on the right side of this page to see a sample then ask your account executive to email you the link so you can upload your photos, videos and descriptions for your free custom video.

3. Sample Kit

We realize that many clients like to touch and feel a product and for that reason we will provide you with a sample kit with an assortment of our laser engraved products.

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Includes: Laser Engraving, Green Screen Instant Photo, Aerial Blimp, Inflatable Structures and Carnival Games

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