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So, you’re exhibiting at a trade show. You’re wondering, if I build it, will they come. The best way to increase traffic to your booth is to provide interactive activities to engage the attendee in the form of a free gift or photo. Problem is, these activities can be expensive. The good news is that with a Ping USER account, you can provide attendees to your booth with a cool photo activity using your own branding and graphics...for free!  Imagine for a moment if you were exhibiting at a 3 day trade show and you wanted to hire a professional green screen photographer to provide the attendees with a custom photo takeaway. This would typically cost you around $2,500 per day, for a total of $7,500 for 3 days. Explore all of the unique features Ping will offer you, while saving you thousands of dollars.

Demo Keyword

Step One: Take Selfie
Step Two: Text Selfie to 561-997-7777

KEYWORDS: Host creates ITR Keyword and individual keywords with event details. Attendees simply text the ITR Keyword, then select from the menu of options to get the information they want. Host can populate each keyword with both text and images. Tired of last minute printing and shipping of literature for your event? Go green and save hundreds of dollars in printing and shipping costs. All of your literature can be saved as individual KEYWORDS. Attendees at the event can simply text the desired KEYWORD and the information will be sent to their cell phone as a text message. Distribute your business card digitally with our VCF feature. When KEYWORDS are sent to an attendee’s cell phone, you can link a VCF KEYWORD to automatically attach to the KEYWORD. The attendee simply clicks on the VCF file to add your contact info to their cell phone.  While other cards frequently get tossed, your contact information will be safely stored on your customer’s cell phone.

Demo Keyword

Step One: Text Demo to 561-997-7777
Step Two: Wait for the attached information to arrive.

GAMEWORDS: Engage and entertain attendees and guests by playing TRIVIA or WHEEL OF FORTUNE. By simply texting from their cell phone ( no app required ) guests can play and win prizes.  Game Wizard makes it easy for you to setup and customize your own games. When sending a uPIC Photo, include an invite to reply to the photo by texting a keyword to begin playing. Create a trivia game using facts about your company. Create a Wheel of Fortune game using known brands in your company. You determine how many points it takes to win and you will receive a text notification when players win.

Demo Game Word

Step One: Text Trivia to 561-997-7777
Step Two: Follow the rules you receive to play









EXHIBITOR: Download and install our uPIC Photo app and install on any Android device. The exhibitors staff simply snaps the attendee’s photo and enters their cell phone number. The photo is uploaded to our server where the exhibitor’s branding and graphics are automatically added to the photo. Within 30 seconds the new photo is delivered to the attendee’s cell phone as a text message. A copy of the photo is simulcast to a unique URL so the exhibitor can display on a monitor in their booth or at their event.

Photos can be attached to keywords so each guest gets additional literature with their photo. Guests can even respond to their photo to request additional information or play Trivia or Wheel Of Fortune. It’s fun. It’s Entertaining. No app to install.


STAFF: Turn every staff member at your property into a goodwill ambassador. Photo opportunities are presented hundreds of times each day. Your staff can use their own cell phone and uPIC Pro to take guest’s photo. By simply entering a unique code and the guest’s cell phone number before texting to our server, we will automatically add your property’s branding and seasonal graphics to the photo. Within seconds, we will deliver the new photo to your guest as a text message. Imagine the reviews in social media when the doorman offers to take a family portrait on the way out for dinner, or when the waitress offers to take a newlywed’s photo at dinner. It’s easy and no app is required. Compatible with your staff’s existing iOS or Android device. No app required.



STEP 1: Snap Photo

STEP 2: Text your photo to 561-997-7777, include REGENCY in the body of the text and press SEND


Hosted off of TIER ONE: HOTEL PRO account. A TIER TWO ORGANIZER account is for companys hosting a tradeshow, conference, convention or meeting. Organizer can use Ping features to promote their event. In addition, ORGANIZER can giveaway free TIER THREE: USER3 accounts as an incentive to companys who are attending / exhibiting at the event. Available for free and can be upgraded for a fee.


Hotel or Organizer can create free TIER THREE: USER3 accounts which includes free use of Ping features (PHOTOWORD & KEYWORD). Available for free and can be upgraded for a fee. Ideal for, wedding party & guests, social and corporate events. Vacationing guests can enjoy the benefits of using PING without having to setup a USER account.





Whether staying at the property for business or pleasure, PING will enhance your guest’s experience without the need for them to setup an account. Guests will be able to access information, submit photos, request information through Amazon’s Echo and interact with any of PING’s 30+ features. Our Room Key jacket provides guests with instructions on how to access PING, while at the same time securely stores their room key. It’s Fast. It’s Fun. It’s Easy. No app required.





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