On-Site laser engraving at trade shows, activations, product launches, corporate and social events

Voted Best Experiential Interactive Activity.

Planning a high traffic event?
We can engrave up to 600 personalized gifts, text or photo, per hour at your event.
At the speed of light, we can customize each gift for each guest in 5 seconds!

Local Offices In:
California: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego
Colorado: Denver
Florida: Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville
Georgia: Atlanta
Illinois: Chicago
Maryland: Baltimore
Massachusetts: Boston
Nevada: Las Vegas
New York: New York City
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
Texas: Dallas, Houston

For Information, Quotes or Samples, please contact:
Tel: 270-344-4825

World Class Laser Engraving At 2016 Olympics In Rio

Challenge: Nike wants to provide athletes attending the 2016 Summer Olympics with a unique pair of Nike sunglasses. The athletes will be able to custom laser engrave their sunglasses to create a unique keepsake to take back from the Olympics. For 24 days, Digital Images will be staffing our on-site laser engraving in the Olympic Village to provide a world class experience for the athletes.

For additional information, please contact

Digital Images Group, info@270digital.com, 270-344-4825


We have all been to events where you had to wait in line to get the free giveaway. Unfortunately for exhibitors thsi can sometimes result in new customers walking away because they don’t want to wait in line. FAST PASS combined with SKIPTHISLINE.COM 100% eliminates the lines at your event, trade show or product activation, regardless of how many people are there.

Here’s How It Works:

STEP 1: At the event, Go to SKIPTHISLINE.COM on your cell phone and submit your request.

STEP 2: Immediately after submitting a request, each guest receives a branded confirmation text message and FAST PASS Bar Code with 2 options:
a. Do nothing and wait to receive a text message letting them know their personalized gift is ready to be picked up, or;

Walk up to the FAST PASS line, scan the FAST PASS bar code on their cell phone and their request will immediately be processed, regardless of where they are in the que. Within a few seconds they will walkaway with their personalized gift.

FAST PASS when combined with SKIPTHISLINE.COM allows us to easily handle events, activations and trade shows with thousands of attendees.

BENEFIT: Guests can decide when they want to pick up their gift. No need to wait in line.