Our on-site laser engraving will personalize your guest's keepsake with either their customized text as fast as 7 seconds, or their photo in true photographic quality in only 10 seconds.


On-Site Laser Engraving is ideal for:

  • Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
  • School Events
  • Social Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Experiential Activities
  • Interactive Photo Activities
  • Corporate activations
  • Product launches


Ideal Gifts:

  • Laser Engraved Dog Tags w/ chains
  • Laser Engraved Aroma Therapy Candles
  • Laser Engraved Wine Glasses
  • Laser Engraved Key chains
  • Silicone bracelets
  • Leather bracelets
  • Flashlights
  • Laser pointers
  • Hundreds of other items. We can laser engrave virtually any metal, glass, wood, leather or acrylic


Laser Engraving Packages Include:

  • 4 Hours on-site laser engraving
  • Includes unlimited gifts ( Group 1 )
  • Select up to 3 different gifts in GROUP 1.
  • Guests select which gift they would like
  • Guests can have their photo or text engraved
  • Pre-engrave event logo / caption on gifts
  • iPADs with your event graphics / details for guests to submit requests
  • 10 Tiffany Styled Dog Tags ( $300 value )




+295 : Photo Album

Photo album of all photos taken at event. Delivered within 24 hours.

+495: Highlights Video

Instant Replay Highlights Video. All photos are integrated into a custom video which includes animation, special effects, titles, credits and music.

+ $300: Carousel Of Gifts

Carousel of 50 different gifts. Guests select which gift they want and what they want engraved on their gift


+ $995   ( When booked with Laser. Normally $1,495)

Green Screen photo activity. Includes:

  • 4 unique templates
  • caption on photos
  • photos are delivered digitally by text message within 30 seconds
  • Printed photos
  • All photos are simulcast to projector and displayed for everyone to see


I Bet You Didn't know:

  • 75 DPI – Typical resolution images are displayed at on a website
  • 300 DPI – Typical resolution color literature is printed at
  • 635 DPI – The resolution our images are engraved at.
  • 55 Seconds – Average time a vintage CO2 laser takes to engrave a 150 DPI image on a dog tag
  • 7 Seconds – Average time our YAG laser takes to engrave a 635 DPI image on a dog tag
  • 1.3 Days - Life expectancy of a typical giveaway at an event
  • 2.7 Years – Life expectancy of a personalized laser engraved gift


Digital Images proprietary technology is a game changer in the industry. Since 2005 Digital Images Group is the only company in the U.S. that can engrave a guest's photo in true photographic quality ( 635 DPI ) in less than 10 seconds. Watch our video on laser engraving and you will see the amazing speed and quality. We do hundreds of events a year nationwide for Nike, Delta Air Lines Warner Bros. Television, CBS Television, Miami Dolphins, Nike, Nickelodeon, Mercedes Benz, Bank Of America and many others.


Here is just a partial listing of the products that we can laser engrave at your event. 

Personalizing a gift is easy. Using our touch screen tablet interface mounted to a kiosk, guests can select to engrave any text they want, or their photo. Next, our photo booth styled interface lets the guest snap then preview their photo before sending it over to the laser to be engraved. Our Laser Interface - Touch Screen Tablet also is available as a compact portable which can easily be passed from table to table letting guests customize their gift while sitting at their table. Each gift is pre-engraved with your event logo, date or details. No other gift provides guests with both value and experience when compared with gifts that are personalized by laser engraving.

Digital Images Group can laser engrave on just about anything, metal, plastic, leather & glass. Our flat rate pricing structure will provide unlimited laser engraved gifts for your guests at your event. For corporate events, please visit our corporate events site for additional details on providing laser engraving at your trade show or corporate event.

On-site laser engraving at your event using high speed YAG lasers. Photos or text are engraved in as little as 10 seconds. Guests customize their own laser engraved gift directly from our touch screen tablet or from their smartphone. Some of our popular gifts are laser engraved dog tags, laser pointers, key chains, flashlights, silicone and leather bracelets, glass aroma therapy candles and more. Select from hundreds of different gifts which can all be laser engraved on-site at your event. We can engrave on glass, aluminum, steel, leather & acrylic.