On-Site laser engraving at corporate and social events creates personalized keepsakes that are cherished by guests and retained for months or years after the event. Guests can get as creative as they want by engraving their gift with their choice of a photo, logo or text. At 635dpi, we engrave photos and logs that are photographic quality in as little as 10 seconds. Depending on which gift you select, we can engrave up to 400 gifts per hour!

Pick one of these gifts for free. Laser engraved with your photo, logo and text. Free shipping.

Digital Images proprietary technology is a game changer in the industry. Since 2005 Digital Images Group is the only company in the U.S. that can engrave a guest's photo in true photographic quality ( 635 DPI ) in less than 10 seconds. Watch our video on laser engraving and you will see the amazing speed and quality. We do hundreds of events a year nationwide for Nike, Delta Air LinesWarner Bros. Television, CBS Television, Miami Dolphins, Nike, Nickelodeon, Mercedes Benz, Bank Of America and many others.


  • 75 DPI – Typical resolution images are displayed at on a website
  • 300 DPI – Typical resolution color literature is printed at
  • 635 DPI – The resolution our images are engraved at.
  • 55 Seconds – Average time a vintage CO2 laser takes to engrave a 150 DPI image on a dog tag
  • 7 Seconds – Average time our YAG laser takes to engrave a 635 DPI image on a dog tag
  • 1.3 Days - Life expectancy of a typical giveaway at an event
  • 2.7 Years – Life expectancy of a personalized laser engraved gift