Planning a World Class event? 

Take a look at just a few of the high profile events we have done:

Summer Olympics in Rio, New York Superbowl, San Francisco Superbowl, Nascar Races, Seattle Seahawks, New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, North Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, Grammy's, Beyonce Concert. Whether you are planning a social event for 100 guests or a Superbowl sized event for 100,000 guests, we have the expertise to perfectly execute your event.


Client: Nike:
Venue: 2016 Olympics – Rio
Summary: Provide attendees with a perosnalized laser engraved pair of Nike sunglasses

Client: Delta Air Lines
Venue: Seattle Seahawks, New York Knicks, New York Yankees, New York Rangers, Atlanta Braves
Summary: Provide personalized laser engraved aluminum luggage tags. Each Luggage tag is engraved with the guest’s contact information and branded with Delta Air Lines and the sport’s team’s log. Guest’s had a choice of use “Self Service” tablets to submit requests or to go to SKIPTHISLINE.COM on their smartphone. After submitting request from a smartphone, guest would receive a text message confirmation along with a FAST PASS BAR CODE. Guest would have a choice of doing nothing and waiting to receive a text message telling them that their luggage tag was ready to be picked up, or if in a hurry, walk up to the FAST PASS lane and scan their FAST PASS Bar code. Regardless of where they were in the que, they would be immediately bumped up to number 1 in the que and their luggage tag would immediately be engraved within 5 seconds.

Client: Air France
Venue: New York Central Park
Summary: Attendees to the 5K race would receive a Air France branded personalized laser engraved luggage tag.

Client: Target Stores:
Venue: New York City, NY
Summary: For 3 weeks during the 2015 Christmas season, guests to Target’s Wonderland in New York City would receive a personalized laser engraved Target branded Christmas Tree Ornament.

Client: Amazon
Venue: Las Vegas
Summary: VIP Invite Only party for 20,000 guests. Guests would receive a custom laser engarved USB Memory Key.

Client: You Tube
Venue: PAX East – Boston
Summary: Attendees received a custom laser engraved YouTube laser engraved dog tag. During the 2 day event, we engraved 5,600 Dog Tags.

Client: HTC Phone
Venue: Beyonce Concert, New York City
Summary: VIP Guests received a free HTC phone laser engraved with their choice of logo, graphic or text.