TRADE SHOWS ( Continued )

On-site laser engraving at trade shows always generates a lot of traffic. Depending on the size of your booth, we have options ranging from a zero footprint up to our ideal setup which utilizes a 48" space. Requests can be submitted either from tablets or directly from attendee's cell phones. Gifts are typically pre-engraved prior to the trade show with your company's branding then the final customizing is done on-site in your booth. We can engrave graphics, logos, photos and text. Photos are engraved at a true photographic quality 635 DPI. The average gift takes between 5 and 10 seconds to engrave text and 15 seconds for a photo. We can comfortably engrave up to 400 gifts per hour. 

We provide a complimentary proof-of-concept service which includes engraving samples utilizing a number of different settings to achieve the ideal quality and speed. Fine tuning is best dine in advance of the trade show, not during. Small changes in settings can effect how many premiums get engraved over the course of the day. Simply click on one of the FREE SAMPLE buttons on this web site and we will be happy to engrave samples with your company's logo to proof.

Some of the most popular are: dog tags, luggage tags, business card holders, laser pointers, key chains, USB Flash drives, flashlights, silicone and leather bracelets, glass aroma therapy candles and more. Select from hundreds of different gifts which can all be laser engraved on-site at your event. We can engrave on glass, aluminum, steel, leather & acrylic.

Planning a World Class event? 

Take a look at just a few of the high profile events we have done:

Summer Olympics in Rio, New York Superbowl, San Francisco Superbowl, Nascar Races, Seattle Seahawks, New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, North Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, Grammy's, Beyonce Concert. Whether you are planning a social event for 100 guests or a Superbowl sized event for 100,000 guests, we have the expertise to perfectly execute your event.