Gone are the days of needing to hire an event photographer at $1,000 - $2,000 per day. Gone are the days of needing to setup a ugly and space consuming green screen. Gone are the days of manually editing photos on-site.


Welcome to the next generation event photography.

Welcome to uPIC.


uPIC Photo is a next generation photo activity that provides cutting edge features WITHOUT needing to setup a ugly and space consuming green screen.

Now your Brand Ambassador can snap the photo and all the magic is done in the cloud. 



Upgrade your photo activity with uPIC. This is not your grandfather's photo booth. Photos are processed in the cloud, and delivered as a text message within seconds. 100% Delivery. No dropouts.

The uPIC experience includes a social media interface, simulcast to a unique URL, branded text messages with option to attach literature and much more.



Guests select from over 50 different gifts and pick what photo, graphics and text they want engraved. These are true keepsakes that will be cherished for years.

Ask us about our Aerial Blimp for your Corporate or Social event.



STEP 1: Snap a Selfie ( Portrait or Landscape )

STEP 2: Text your photo to 561-997-7777 along with the word WEDDING


In about 1 minute you will receive a text message with your new photo. During it's journey, we added some fun graphics and branding to your photo. Now you can see how easy it is to use uPIC. 

Use uPIC for FREE at your next event and save thousands when compared to hiring an event photographer. Subscribe to uPIC for one low monthly fee and by having your Brand Ambassadors take photos at all of your future trade shows, activations and corporate events you will save thousands of dollars every time you use uPIC. Your subscription entitles you to use uPIC at unlimited number of events and take an unlimited number of photos. 


  • uPIC Is a Cloud Based Photo Activity 
  • uPIC Is available by monthly subscription
  • Graphics and branding are automatically added to the photo
  • Photos are delivered by branded text
  • Attach promotional literature to photos
  • Interactive Photos lets guests reply to their photo by texting a keyword to get more information
  • Free use of uPIC Camera app for your Brand Ambassador to take photos
  • uPIC Pro, lets any staff member take take a guest's photo on their own personal iOS or Android device without installing an app. 
  • Promote uPIC Selfie so your guests use their own cell phone to snap photos and submit to our server by texting. No app required. Graphics and branding are automatically added to their photo and sent back to them as a text message within seconds.